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On the outside of our teeth is a thin protective layer, known as enamel. A cavity forms when the enamel has worn away so far as to create a hole. This can lead to toothaches, infections, and tooth failure. A dental filling is a procedure done to fill the hole created by the cavity. There are two kinds of dental fillings: dental amalgams and dental composites.

Dental amalgams are shiny, metallic-looking fillings that are extremely long-lasting and effective. If a large filling is needed, they tend to work the best, though ultimately that will be up to you and your dentist. Dental amalgams use a variety of metals and a small amount of mercury as a binding agent to create a filling that can repair cavities and prevent future decay. Dental amalgams have a proven track record of more than a century, and are even more precise and effective today than in the past.

Dental composites are tooth-colored composite fillings that can imitate the natural look of your teeth. With a composite, your open smile will remain unaffected, as the filling blends well with its surroundings. A composite filling is metal free and does not have any mercury in it. Composite fillings can also be fixed and repaired many times over without the need of having to remove the original filling, as is required with dental amalgams.

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