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Continuing education for dentists is important to keep up-to-date with all the latest dental technology, which can include new procedures, diagnostic tools, and breakthroughs in pain relief. Dr. Craig Wada offers his service with one-on-one teaching by appointment. You can learn from the best and stay on top of your game when you contact Placer Prosthodontics Inc. and request one-on-one teaching in Rocklin, California.

One-on-one learning with Dr. Craig Wada can accelerate your knowledge and peak personal performance. Because it is conducted in a comfortable, energetic environment, you will experience the best in training. Best, you call the shots on what you want to learn; it will be up to you to determine what that may include. Getting this valuable training will give dentists a head-start in continuing education, allowing for them to get unique, on-the-job experience with our dentist, to further their own practice. And, because this is personal training, our prosthodontist can meet your unique needs.  Training may include:

  • Hands-on training
  • Patient observation
  • Lectures
  • Video and demonstrations
  • Question and answer period

Dr. Craig Wada will be available to conduct the one-on-one training, guiding you toward your vision as a practice. Contacting the dentist will assure you the best in the continuing education experience. Contact us to learn more at 916-630-9048 and continue your education with Dr. Craig Wada today.