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Regular dental checkups are very important. But did you know that at some dental offices you can also get screened for oral cancer every time you get a cleaning and exam? Placer Prosthodontics Inc. is one such dental office. Here are some common questions and answers about our screenings:

Q: Why should I get regular oral cancer screenings?

A: It is estimated that over 49,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year and will kill almost 10,000 people. If we can diagnose your oral cancer in its early stages, you’ll have a much better chance of a healthy life; there is a 80-90% survival rate.

Q: How might I get oral cancer?

A: Tobacco and alcohol can drastically increase your likelihood of getting oral cancer. If you smoke or drink regularly, we encourage you to cut back or better yet, quit completely. Oral sex with multiple partners can also increase your chances of getting a virus called HPV, which sometimes turns into oral cancer. For about 7% of those that get oral cancer, however, the cause is unknown.

Q: What is the process of an oral cancer screening like?

A: First, we’ll request that you take out any removable dental appliances in your mouth, such as dentures, retainers or partials. Then we will vigilantly examine your face, neck, lips and mouth for any rough patches, lumps or sensitivity. You will then stick out your tongue while we inspect it for any swelling and odd discolorations or textures.

If you seek a dental checkup with an oral cancer screening in Rocklin, California, you can give us a ring at 916-630-9048 to schedule an appointment at Dr. Craig Wada’s office. We’d love to see you!