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Dental anxiety can often ruin your experience when having oral health care treatments administered. Fortunately, there are numerous treatments and techniques that have been proven to be effective ofr helping individuals with dental phobias.

Oral sedation is very useful for calming patients with dental phobias. Meditative treatments are also highly effective for treating dental anxiety. This includes yoga, biofeedback, stress-free exercises, and listening to and relaxing with calming music. Sometimes calming music can also be used at your dentist to help avoid negative sounds that can often contribute to dental anxiety while you are being treated.

Some individuals can often benefit from the use of stress relievers such as squeeze balls or fidget spinners. If you find that you work well with some sort of mechanism in your hands, be sure to let your dentist know. Another highly effective method for treating dental anxiety includes breathing patterns such as deep and paced breathing. Breathing slowly and deeply has been shown to lower stress and lower your risk for dental anxiety.

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