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Are you concerned about oral cancer screenings? Feeling concerned is understandable, but you might find that it is really nothing to worry about. The purpose of the screening is to help you know if a problem exists or not, and it helps you get any problem resolved.

An oral cancer screening usually goes like this. The prosthodontist examines your oral cavity, which consists of your lips, teeth, tongue, gums, and the roof and floor of your mouth. The prosthodontist may also carefully feel around those areas to check for things his eyes might miss.

The prosthodontist will also visually check the throat and tonsils. The prosthodontist will also examine and feel around your neck, around your jaw, and under your chin. The prosthodontist may also examine your nose, using a light or a mirror.

If the prosthodontist finds nothing unusual, then you can rest easy. However, should the prosthodontist find something, do not worry. This does not mean you have cancer, as any number of things could cause a problem. It may not be anything serious at all.

In these cases, the prosthodontist may schedule a second appointment to check if the issue remains or is dissipating on its own. If the issue persists, the prosthodontist will guide you to where you can diagnose the problem (whether it is cancer or something else), learn how to treat it, and be free of your troubles.

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