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Excited for the summer but worried about one of your damaged or missing teeth bothering you? Here at Placer Prosthodontics Inc., we work hard to provide that desirable smile that is also healthy and comfortable. If left unrepaired, you are leaving your teeth susceptible to infections, shifting teeth, and the possibility of tooth decay or gum disease.

The procedure to install a dental implant includes the installment of prosthetic and real-looking replacement to fill in any indents to help fill in your facial features. This is only doable if the bone in the jaw is strong and healthy, which is determined by your dentist. Dental bridges or dentures are also available if this is the case. Any of these implants will provide a comfortable fit for many years.

After receiving a dental implant, you do not have any food restrictions because they are permanent and sturdy. Each one is specified to your mouth and customized to work properly. Your chewing and eating functions are not only repaired but your speaking ability as well.

Dr. Craig Wada and his dental professionals are happy to assist you with a new dental implant to give you that flawless, summer smile! Give us a call at 916-630-9048 here in Rocklin, California, to get your best smile today.